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Top Fall Lawn Care Tips

Most homeowners focus on spring & summer when caring for their lawns, but if you want to maintain a beautiful lawn year round, fall is important too! As your lawn prepares to be dormant for the winter, the grass is absorbing nutrients, moisture & energy for the cold months ahead.

Here are some important tips to remember when preparing for fall:

1) Mowing

  • You want to remove 1/3 of the blade or less so your lawn doesn’t experience shock. That will mean less frequent cutting in the fall when the growth is slower.

  • Your lawn is getting ready to become dormant for the winter, so it should be cut shorter now. Gradually lower the mower height until your grass length goes from a summer height of 2 ½ or 3” until your grass is about 1 1/2” high.

2) Raking

  • Leaves decomposing on the lawn make a great home for damaging insects. Also, a thick layer that can leave dead spots in the spring. Make sure you rake thoroughly, removing all the leaves from the lawn.

3) Aeration

  • Your lawn should be aerated annually to allow water & nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. If you missed spring aeration, now is the time!

4) Overseeding

  • Fall is a great time to spread grass seed over your lawn. That will encourage new grass to grow in the dead spots next spring.

5) Fertilizing

  • Early fall fertilization will keep your lawn healthy throughout the cooler months and give your lawn the best start for spring.

Need help preparing your lawn for fall? Ability Property Maintenance can help. We’re booking fall lawn care services now. Give us a call at 905-933-7019 or book a quote online.

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