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Top 3 Grass Cutting Mistakes

Cutting the lawn with a lawnmower seems pretty simple, right? Well, maybe not as simple as you think.

Here are the top 3 mistakes that get in the way of having the lush green lawn you desire.

  1. Cutting the Grass too Short The optimal cut is one-third of the length of the grass, even if that means you have to cut more frequently. Longer grass blades grow more roots and have a stronger, deeper root system that is better able to absorb the water & nutrients in the soil. Cutting too much or “scalping the lawn” causes the grass to spend energy on regrowth instead of building a stronger root system. Also, taller grass shades the soil, keeping it cooler and assisting in the prevention of weed growth

  2. Mowing the Same Pattern Every Time Avoid creating ruts in the lawn and help the grass stand up tall and straight by varying the mowing pattern you follow. When you use the same pattern every time you are teaching the grass to lean in the direction you mow.

  3. Mowing with a Dull Blade Keep your mower blade sharp, or you will find yourself tearing up grass, causing ragged edges and weakening the grass blades. Weak grass is susceptible to disease, damage and environmental stressors. Sharpen the blade every 4 to 6 weeks for optimal performance.

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