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The Battle of Sod vs. Seed

There is more than one way to get a healthy, green lawn that is the envy of your neighbourhood. But, which one should you choose?

Sod is professionally grown and comes in large rolls. It usually involves hiring a landscaper to install, especially for large areas as it can be labour-intensive and the preparation of the soil is very important to successful results.

Seed can be purchased at most home improvement stores and can be installed DIY or by a professional.


Sod is certainly the more expensive option. In essence, you are paying for someone else to take the time and care to grow it from seed. And, you are likely paying someone to install it for you to get the most professional results.

Grass seed is the cheaper route so if budget is your main concern, seeding is the best option for you.


Sod creates an instant lawn almost overnight. While the first two weeks do require a commitment to watering (see our blog article on The Science of Watering Your Lawn) , after the roots have established, you’re in the clear.

Seed takes a lot longer (and a bit more care) to get the results you want. You should start seeing grass sprouts within 2 weeks. But it may take up to 2 years to get a fully lush, green lawn.

Other Considerations

There are a few other considerations to keep in mind when selecting sod or seed.

  • Planting time – sod can be installed at any time during the growing season except in high heat. Spring & fall are ideal. However, seed should be planted during peak grass growth times. In cool climates, this is the early fall.

  • Erosion Control - On slopes or areas with erosion problems, sod can help with keeping soil in place. On the other hand, seed can easily wash away in these areas, and you will be left starting at the beginning.

  • Weeds – Good quality sod has few or no weeds. It out-competes weed seeds that that try to move in early on. But grass seeds will compete with weeds for water, light and nutrients.

If you are considering a new lawn and need some expert advice, we’re here to help. Call Ability Property Maintenance at 905.933.7019 or book a free estimate online.

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